Blue Jarvis is packed with standard features with no expensive add-ons, no kidding.


Connecting with your community at school, at home, and on the go.


What does it mean to be truly responsive? It means your site adapts to the size of your screen, no matter what screen you are on. Our sites are designed with modern frameworks to ensure they look good on any screen, but we don't stop there.  At Blue Jarvis, we use responsive framework with break point design, meaning everything on your site will look great as the screen gets smaller, but you can also optimize content for mobile users. This is so important we don't feel it's add-on, it's the standard.


Blue Jarvis can create a fully customizable, professional and attractive website that displays your school or educational organization’s strong points, news, updates and anything in between.  Our modern designs include things like responsive frameworks, mega menus, parallax scrolling, and even CSS3 animations.  Your website is the face of your school in this digital age and we want to help make it something you are proud of.


Blue Jarvis Media offers a content management system that makes anybody a seasoned webmaster and is like nothing else being offered. Our CMS allows you the ability to update, add to, or change in any way your entire website completely from the front end.  With easy to use controls and intuitive features, our CMS allows for a customizable and attractive website that will be second to none.  These easy to use tools allow anyone to make quick updates to any page on your website freeing your staff up to tend to more important matters.


Most school districts have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account (or all three!).  They make it easier to communicate but they also have to be managed.  We make social media management easy! You can schedule content to post on any social media platforms with one click, or pull post directly to your site.  Blue Jarvis Media also seamlessly integrates with popular media management tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.  With one click, your message is out to everyone!


The Blue Jarvis platform comes with simple tools that allow you to monitor your community impact, check your site traffic, and realize your social media engagement. At a glance you are able to see what tweets are trending, your Facebook views and likes, or even which pages on your site are driving the most traffic.


Blue Jarvis Media is equipped with tools that allow you to go beyond your district's site and create custom pages ranging anywhere from special events or projects to club or sports team pages. These pages are capable of having their own look and feel and can be completely independent with custom design, menus and navigation.


Obtaining a physical signature on a document can be time consuming and expensive. Make filling out signing forms a snap with e-signatures! All documents can be stored and shared with necessary parties digitally, removing the need for printing. Also, all documents can be filled out and signed remotely. This allows forms to be completed and signed faster and more conveniently.


The Blue Jarvis platform comes with a newsletter creator making connecting with your district that much easier. Send mass newsletters to the parents, community members or faculty about happenings in your district.  You can then utilize the Blue Jarvis Media dashboard to monitor statistics, analytics, and the reach of your newsletter.


Blue Jarvis can help your district set up an online store to sell school merchandise allowing parents and community members a convenient way to shop and show school spirit.  With an online store you can accept payments using Stripe, PayPal or other popular merchants.  You can even set up donation pages for your education foundation where you can set goals and monitor progress making it easier to give.


Your district dashboard is a fun and interactive way to display surveys and statistics.  Let Blue Jarvis Media set up your own  dashboard site where you can easily highlight your district and student performance or display required documents in an engaging way.


With our e-flyer management system you can digitally approve and distribute e-flyers directly to parents and have them posted to each schools’ website automatically and directly from the dashboard.  Utilize our newsstand with custom pdf reader to store these and other important documents in an easy and searchable format.


Keep parents and community members informed of any situation or occasion that arises within the district.  Schedule announcements for upcoming events on a single page or instantly add an alert to your entire site.


Blue Jarvis Media allows for flexibility in the approval process of new stories and articles to the district or school website.  One administrator can have the sole power to approve or perhaps one of five administrators can instantly approve a story written by any faculty member or student journalist.  From there a story can go directly to the site or sites for viewing.


With districts becoming more and more diverse, effective communication can be a challenge.  Allow users to translate communications to any language simply and easily.


Blue Jarvis Media comes equipped with district and school calendars. You can filter content up and down, or create a unique event list with ical integration so your calendar syncs directly to your phone. Our calendars also integrate with Google Calendars.